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corporate Headshots are a part of life.

Updating my corporate bio photo can be a refreshing experience. It prompts me to reflect on my image and how I've changed over time, which can sometimes be a mixed bag. Embracing the signs of aging, like a few more wrinkles or a hint of gray, is part of the journey and should be embraced!

As you can see here in my business headshot, I recently updated my professional bio photo. While good lighting certainly helps, I must confess to a little help from the trusty tool of Photoshop. Just a touch here and there to enhance my natural features, ensuring I still look like myself but perhaps just a tad more refreshed and vibrant.

Ultimately, authentic photography is key on platforms like LinkedIn (which, in my opinion, reigns supreme among social networks). However, a professionally taken and subtly edited photo can make a significant difference in how we present ourselves online. It's about striking that balance between authenticity and making a polished impression.

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