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The Business of You- Photographically Speaking- 2017 New Beginnings.

2017. It’s January, and if you are like most people, this is the most motivated you will be all year to make some life changes. At GoodHuman, we’re right there with you. In fact, we have a few goals of our own, and a couple of them include you!

GoodHuman 2017 Goals:

1. Get a new trash can for studio. Okay, we set the bar low on that one, but studies show quick, achievable goals help us stay inspired and create momentum to help us attain our bigger goals.

2. Meet new people. For us 2017 is about connecting with friends and colleagues in the business world.

3. Help our clients - both individuals and businesses - stand out from the competition by providing them with photography services (think headshots, office portraits, group portraits) that enhance their brand.

While we wouldn’t turn down an offer of a free trash can, the second and third goals are the two that relate to you. This is why: nothing is permanent anymore (really, was it ever?) - especially when it comes to business. Businesses are experiencing an ever increasing rate of turnover with both customers and employees. According to Business Insider more than 40% of the workforce - nearly half the population - will be contract, freelance, self-employed or temp by 2020 (that’s 3 years from now).

And while this trend might seem scary to some of you, we think this is good news because there are so many benefits to working for yourself. Here are a few:

- Setting your own schedule. Feel like taking an 11 a.m. yoga class, starting your day at 1 p.m. and working until 9:30 p.m.? No problem.

- Working from home part/full time. How does reducing or eliminating your commute sound? How about saving money on gas, dry cleaning, expensive restaurant lunches, etc.? Sounds pretty good to us.

- Controlling the types of jobs/projects you accept. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick and choose the work you enjoy doing and are most qualified for?

- Negotiating your pay rate from project to project. Good-bye locked-in salary, hello staying current with your market rate.

- Taking as much vacation time as you want. Been dreaming of spending 4 weeks in the Outback? Go right ahead… maybe you’ll even earn some money while you’re there because...

- Taking your job on the road. The days of the sea of workers sitting in the corporate cubicle farm are looking to be numbered. With telecommuting dramatically on the rise, there are more options than ever for workers wishing to take their jobs on the road. Who wants spend six months in Austin? Austria? Australia? Go right ahead.

The list of perks to being self-employed goes on, but regardless, the point we want to drive home is that there is a very good chance we will all have more than one job (and career) in our lives, and many of us will become self-employed in the process.

So, what does this have to do with GoodHuman? Well, at GoodHuman we believe that you- whether an individual, a big company, or a small company - are a brand. It’s more essential than ever that you present your brand in the best light. Whether you are applying for a job at a conservative bank or the hottest agency in town, it’s important to have headshots and office portraits that present the most effective, relevant version of your brand. That is what will help you stand out from the competition and give a future client or employer a sense of how you will fit with the company’s culture. And, to be honest, it’s also just nice to have a really great picture of yourself.

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