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Humanizing your corporate photography and business videos.

A classic but still effective!

Years ago, I worked on a shoot for a stock agency in Los Angeles. We rented out a spacious advertising agency with sleek design and modern furniture, perfect for capturing a large number of high-quality images. Authenticity was key in stock photography, so I collaborated closely with my models to ensure genuine expressions and mannerisms in every shot.

These days, I've shifted away from stock photography. Instead, I work directly with corporate clients to create custom imagery tailored to their specific needs.

I firmly believe that authenticity sells. Using your own employees lends credibility to your brand. While we can enhance and refine, the essence of your company should shine through.

Humanizing your business is essential. Potential clients are drawn to authenticity, wanting to see the real you!

Ready to humanize your brand? Let's chat! Give me a call or send an email at


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