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You might be wondering how GoodHuman got its name...

Founder Sam Diephuis has a bit of a problem with his last name. Can you pronounce it? Exactly. So, Sam Diephuis Photography was not an option (BTW It’s pronounced Deep-House. It’s Dutch). Mainly, Sam captures the best in humans, and that’s what shows up in his photography.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Sam has an amazing wife and 3 girls that make his life complete.  

"Nothing brings me more joy and purpose than my kids.  Plus they are unending amounts of laughs.  Don't get me wrong, they are a handful, but man they are funny, smart and cute"

Sam Diephuis and his family

Sam learned the technology of photography at Brooks Institute and used his skills for over 20 years shooting advertising, stock, and travel photography for brands like Chase, Disney, and Fast Company. After shooting portraits around the world, Sam decided to bring his skills stateside. He saw so many friends struggle with marketing their businesses and realized he wanted to create a photography business that helped humans with the hardest part: visually marketing themselves.

After a shoot with Sam, people have said,

“I didn’t even feel like I was getting my picture taken.” 

As you’ve probably guessed, he knows his way around a human. He can make anyone laugh or feel comfortable in front of the lens, so he gets the best from his shoots with you. Sam loves to work closely with his clients to ensure he understands their brand and exactly how they want to uplevel it.

Sam Has Friends

After 20 years of photography and video experience, Sam has put together a fantastic roster of web designers, writers and other contacts to share with his clients. Good photography works best with great writing and awesome site design, and he’s happy to share contacts with all.

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