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Nothing is Standard for my corporate headshot photography business.

Why I don't have prices for business headshots, website imagery and videos on my website.

Unlocking the Unique: Why Customization Defines My Corporate Photography Business

As a corporate photographer, one common question I receive from clients is why I don't provide a standard price listing for my services. The answer is simple – every job is distinctive, and I approach each client as a unique opportunity to craft an individualized look for their brand. Here's a breakdown of why customization is the cornerstone of my corporate photography business:

1. Tailoring the Look:

No job is the same, and each demands a personalized touch.
Assessing whether harsh or soft lighting suits the brand's aesthetic.

2. Background Matters:

Considering the backdrop – be it the office or a curated setting.
Adapting to the client's vision for the perfect visual representation.

3. Photoshop vs. Location:

Determining if on-location shots or post-production in Photoshop is more suitable.
Offering a blend of both for a versatile and impactful approach.

4. Style Options:

Providing flexibility with one, two, or even three distinctive portraits of each person.
Recognizing the importance of offering varied photography styles to complement the brand.

5. Los Angeles Vibes:

Understanding the unique business landscape in Los Angeles.
Tailoring photography to resonate with the professional environment in the city.

6. Beyond Headshots:

Expanding services to cover executive photography and business events.
Catering to the diverse needs of clients, from attorneys to executives.

7. Brand Identity Alignment:

Crafting visuals that align seamlessly with the brand's identity and values.
Ensuring that business photos enhance the overall brand image.

8. Collaboration with Clients:

Engaging in a collaborative process to understand client preferences.
Adapting photography techniques to bring their vision to life.

In essence, the absence of a standard pricing model allows me to focus on what matters most – creating a unique visual experience for each client. From Los Angeles office photography to executive headshots and business events, my approach is rooted in flexibility, collaboration, and a commitment to delivering corporate photography that goes beyond expectations. The result is not just a set of pictures but a visual narrative that enhances and elevates the brand's identity in the competitive business landscape.


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