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What is your brand?

Let’s face it: we live in a time where everyone is a brand. Even if you’re not an influencer, your look and style says a lot about you and how you run your business.

Since I just had twins, my crumpled clothes and lack of haircut give off hangover vibes, but luckily photographers are artists and that’s accepted.

For coaches, entrepreneurs, or those in the corporate world, it’s important to show off who you really are with a personal branding photo shoot.

For these, I spend a longer time with a subject, get to know them and their space, and we end up with larger bodies of portraits that get to the heart of you and your business. Plus, they provide content for websites, blogs, social, etc.

Recent client, Katy Kvalvik, is a well-established executive coach that specializes in health counseling, hypnotherapy and mental and emotional relief for high performing individuals. She needed her personal brand to be approachable and professional.

The shoot took about a half a day and we nailed it. Katy was great to work with and after spending a while with her and asking her questions about her business, I can tell that she is really good at what she does.

Connect with her if you are in need of her skills.

And connect with me so we can establish your personal look.


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