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Goodhuman Photography by Sam Diephuis launches New Website!!!!

I successfully achieved my first goal for the year – the completion of my new website, featuring outstanding corporate photography, business photography, corporate headshots, and business headshots. The sense of accomplishment is truly gratifying, especially considering the stress that often accompanies building a website. I'm sure many of you can relate, but upon completion, it feels like a weight has been lifted. Plus, the end result showcases impressive Los Angeles corporate headshots, LA Business headshots, and attorney headshots.

As for my second goal, I'm gearing up for an adventurous trip to Guatemala to celebrate my 39th (again and again...!) birthday. Taking three-year-old twins and a six-year-old may not be the most relaxing idea, but it's a unique adventure and a personal project in itself. I wouldn't have it any other way. During this time, from Feb 11th-24th, I'll be unavailable for any corporate photography shoots, but any time before or after works great. Rest assured, I can arrange for someone to take over in case of any urgent matters.

Now, I'm directing my attention to my third goal: connecting with more people, potentially through impactful goodhuman photography. Your assistance in achieving this goal would be fantastic. If you could help by sharing my site, which features excellent website photography, with any potential clients you may know, I assure you that I'll reciprocate by making you look good with a personalized introduction or post. Your support in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Here's the link to the site, with the same name, featuring impressive corporate photography and more:





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