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3 New Goals

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already 2024? I'm thrilled about the possibilities this year holds, especially in the realm of corporate photography, business photography, corporate event photography, and headshot photography. I'm eager to share my three major goals for the year ahead and committing to sticking with them!

- Revamped Website, Fresh Aesthetics: I'm currently immersed in the process of giving my website a modern and refreshing makeover, particularly focusing on showcasing my expertise in corporate photography. If you're contemplating a website upgrade or in need of a fresh look, let's have a conversation! Additionally, I can connect you with top-notch web design firms for that perfect rebranding experience.

- Personal Time and Creative Ventures: After three years of managing the whirlwind of chasing twins (almost 3) and keeping up with my six-year-old, I'm carving out some essential "me time" to embark on new personal photography projects. Get ready to witness more of my creative side, as I'm excited to share some projects close to my heart.

- Expanding the Client Family: While I cherish the relationships with my current clients and the camaraderie we've built, I'm enthusiastic about broadening my clientele base in the corporate photography and video services realm. If you happen to know someone in need of these services for a project, I would greatly appreciate an introduction. Let's make 2024 the year of forging new connections and collaborations!

As we embark on this new year, I hope you enjoy glimpses of my favorite family photos from 2023. Although I may be biased, I believe my family is way cuter than any business photo! Thank you for an incredible 2023, and here's to a phenomenal 2024 filled with growth, creativity, and exciting collaborations!


Sam 415.509.6656


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