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Boarding Time!

Every job is my favorite, but sometimes I get a job that is my absolute most favorite. When WestJet Magazine asked me to shoot an editorial feature AND a cover that featured my old neighborhoods in Los Angeles and the skate culture there, I knew it would be compete for the absolute most favoriteist.

If there's any humor in all of this pandemic time, I can at least laugh that I got my dream editorial assignment in an in-flight magazine that happened to come out just as everyone stopped traveling. I think only the airplane maintenance people saw it... but I LOVE it.

The feature focused on what to see, do and eat, with a skateboarding theme running through the whole piece. The history of Dogtown and street skating in Los Angeles and skateboarding's influence on Southern California culture is undeniable. I love skateboarding. My teenage self would be freaking out at this job.

The writer Mackenzie Eisenhour did a great job, and Steve Collins' editorial direction was on point. If you happened to fly WestJet in April, did you grab a copy? I'm guessing you didn't travel on WestJett in April.

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