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Remembering Syd Mead, the ‘Oscar Wilde of designers’

Last month we lost a great leader in design, Syd Mead. Syd influenced almost everything from cars to interiors and everything in between. One of Syd's most notable works was his futuristic designs in the original Blade Runner and Tron.

I was lucky enough to photograph Syd for a project a few years ago and the images were used again for this piece in WallPaper Magazine.

The first paragraph written by writer Guy Bird says it all.

"The number of times Syd Mead’s name is mentioned as an inspiration by designers of all types – but especially professional car designers from Ferrari’s Flavio Manzoni to ex-BMW Group design boss Chris Bangle – is truly remarkable."

Take a moment to read more about how much influence Syd had on design.

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