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Before and After Corporate Photography

Having corporate photography that matches the brand is extremely important these days because the uniformity lets potential clients know that the business is professional and detail oriented. Having bad photography on your companies website is similar to showing up under dressed to an important meeting, first impressions are really important these days and company photography is often the first interaction with a new client.

Avivar Capital is an investment firm doing good for all parties involved. In nutshell they help their clients invest in companies that are doing the right thing. Not to mention, their clients are getting a great return on their investments.

When Avivar Capital came to me they were looking to update their website portraits because they wanted to have some continuity in their corporate photography that showed their business team photos look professional, approachable and smart. I think we did just that!

Below you can see the before and after corporate photography of the team at Avivar. Having imagery that doesn't match is very common with successful companies like Avivar. Who has time to take the photos, let alone make them all match and look perfect, when clients are first priority? The team at Avivar Capital wants to work on making their clients happy and the corporations photography is pretty low on the list of things to do, so they called me. Take a look at the results!

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