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100 Bad Stock Photos Vrs. 4 Pros

I love this video not only cause its funny and cute but it also shows a visually interesting example of what to do and NOT to do. Having a smaller amount of good corporate photography and great business videos makes a huge difference, Vrs. having tons of bad imagery - a waste of space and says nothing about the authenticity of you company. I would actually go a step deeper and say, having heavy amounts of stock imagery on your site makes your company's photography and image look fake and similar to your competitors. The worst combo in my opinion.

So really think about your branding images. Think about your corporate, team and business portraits and PLEASE think twice about using stock. Your visual branding makes the first impression. Really, it does!

Please give me a call if you want to talk about options for your law office photography, financial investment videos or even a business group photography idea. I'm all ears and can give you some good insight into how to make your companies photography stand out from you competitors.

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