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Personal Branding Photography

Photographing for personal branding is always a lot of fun. Lots of creativity and diversity, all in one photoshoot. This is a little different than photographing for corporate groups, which is often about minor visual details, scheduling and keeping on track.

Personal branding photography is about creating different lighting schemes, working with expressions, playing with clothing options, changing angles, locations etc... It's a big puzzle with lots of moving parts that ultimately births 10s if not 100s of options to choose from.

When I first met Jake Strom we were in a Toast Masters meeting together. It was the first day and we bonded quickly because of the speaking skill we both lacked, but looked to improve upon. We continued together in that group and then even added another group as to improve at a more rapid pace.

Even on the first day Jake already had a natural ability for public speaking and I always admired that. Slow, calm, witty, and most of all, intelligent.

Intelligence, discretion and attention to details are great qualities to have when you are in Jake's line of work. What does Jake do? I will let the words on his site explain.

"I’m an investor in companies combining Profit + Purpose. My obsession is finding the most incredible entrepreneurs, and helping scale world-changing businesses!"

From 2006 to 2018, he served as a Founding Employee of TOMS. His favorite alchemy ingredients are storytelling, community building, and entrepreneurship.​

In his free time, he enjoys Epic Adventures, discovering hidden gems in LA, and being Audible’s best customer.

Not to mention, he writes a great blog. Click here to see his site and join his email list to stay up to date with his business insights.

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