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Larson and O'Brien Law

A cursory search for "lawyer" on a stock photo website usually results in a gavel, some hefty books, or a concerned jury tasked with a difficult decision. When Larson and O'Brien Law came to me to visually rebrand their website, they wanted fresh photos that showed the good parts of law: collaboration, ideas, smiles, and helping people.

No gavels. No stock.

Real lawyers. Doing their real jobs.

We created professional portraits of every employee plus a beautiful photo library of their employees and partners doing what they do. They can use these candid shots for press opportunities, social media, and on their website.

business and corporate photography by goodhuman

Business and group Photography By Goodhuman Los Angeles

Office photography and business photography by Sam Diephuis
Business Photography by Sam Diephuis and goodhuman

Custom website stock photography by Sam Diephuis

Corporate photography and business videos by Goodhuman Long beach
Orange county corporate and business photography
Corporate and business Photography in Long Beach
Portraits of executives by goodhuman photography

photo of businessman for law firm

Photography of law frim in action

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