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Event Photography Is Your Secret Ally; Why Hiring an Event Photographer Is So Important.

We have a question for you. Do you know how much you spent on your company’s last event or conference? Whether it was a trade show, a sales conference or the annual holiday party, we bet the whole thing was a pricey endeavor. The truth is, whether it’s a personal event like a wedding or anniversary party or a business event like a product launch event or sales incentive party, events are expensive. And so now that Memorial Day’s come and gone, and company picnic planning is underway, we think there is no better time to talk about the costs and benefits of hosting an event as well as how best to allocate costs to get the most bang for your buck.

First, when you planned your last event, what were all of the big and little details that were on your mind? No doubt you were thinking about venue, décor, invitations, food, and beverages. You might have also been considering other things such as entertainment, promotional costs, giveaways, contests, speeches, round table discussions, swag bags, etc. That’s just to name a few of the many line items that can cause an event budget to get out of hand really fast.

We at GoodHuman know all about this because we’ve been there ourselves. And we also know that it is easy to justify these expenses because often these events are a great way to connect with current and future clients and for you business to make a great impression in its industry. To be perfectly honest, we think events can be a great investment from a marketing standpoint, which is why we also believe its so important, when planning your event, to make sure one particular budget line item is given importance: your event photography.

But we think having high-quality professional photos of your event is more valuable than you might realize, and this is why. Just like your business headshots, your event photography is what your clients and prospects will see on your social media, marketing materials, blog, and website for weeks - and possibly years - to come.

If you can already justify the expense of the event because of the impression it will make for your business, logically it follows that having high quality professional business photos of that event will help you get even more value for relatively small additional investment.

Now we know you might be thinking “but I have a few budding photographers on my staff… I’ve seen their Instagram feeds - they take pretty nice pictures with their iPhones. I even have one employee who has a nice digital camera - I’m sure there would be a few good pics from what they shoot. Why should I add costs to my already huge event budget to have a professional photographer shoot my event?”

This is our answer. When planning your event budget, the business photography is not the place to cut corners. As the saying goes “Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish.” Photographing a fast-moving event with unpredictable lighting/decor and lots of people is not the same as taking a posed snapshot in front of the latest gourmet hipster ice cream shop. There are tricks and techniques that professional event photographers know that allow them to get great images that show your staff and guests smiling, enjoying the food, and interacting with each other and that show the great atmosphere and environment of your business. With a professional photographer, you can be confident that you will have gorgeous professional photographs that can be used over and over - long after the party ends.

A beautifully executed event will give current and future clients a great impression of your business and could be the very thing that inspires a prospect to do business with you. And with that much at stake, we at GoodHuman know you will want your event photography to be as amazing as the event itself.

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