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How much editing on a corporate photo?

How much photoshop should you use on your portraits?
Determining the right amount of Photoshop for portraits is subjective. Some prefer heavy editing, others a lighter touch. Rarely does anyone opt for no editing. It's nearly universal that a touch of Photoshop is desired by all – we're all a bit diva-like. But finding the perfect balance is key. In my view, it's about enhancing without altering too much. We all want to look our best without appearing digitally altered in person.
The beauty is, I can tweak the Photoshop levels even after delivering the final shots to the client. Whether it's adjusting a suit, refining skin, or perfecting hair, I'm here to accommodate. While it's not a frequent request, I'm all about ensuring satisfaction. I make it clear to my company contact: If there's any dissatisfaction with the retouching, just let me know, and I'll make it right.
Ultimately, my goal is to exceed expectations and deliver portraits that not only meet but surpass the client's vision. With the flexibility to adjust post-shoot, I ensure every detail is just right, leaving no room for disappointment.
Send me an email or call if you'd like to know more about how I can help your company out with their photography needs.


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