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5 Reasons you need a new website and some new corporate headshots.

Are you a Los Angeles-based business owner feeling like your website photos are older than the hills? Don't worry! Even us photography gurus can forget to keep things fresh. But neglecting your website visuals is like wearing a fanny pack - a total fashion disaster. And we don't want your online reputation to suffer! So, why not book a corporate photography session for new, jazzy website photos?

Here are five hilarious reasons why your biz needs some new corporate headshots and business headshots:

  1. Let's start with the basics - you gotta get that SEO poppin' like popcorn! Search engine bots love fresh content like a dog loves a bone. And who can resist a good algorithm? Not us, and certainly not the bots! So, let's give those little guys what they want and watch your website soar to the top of search engine rankings with updated corporate photography.

  2. Second on the list, it's time to impress your returning clients and show them that you're not stuck in the Ice Age. Trust us, new photos will make you look like the trendiest cat on the block. And we all know how much clients love a trendy business. Who wants to work with a snooze-fest company anyways?

  3. Now, here's a game-changer. You can use your fresh photos for EVERYTHING! Email marketing, blog posts, social media - the possibilities are endless! It's like having a closet full of new clothes, but for your website. And who doesn't love a wardrobe update?

  4. Let's be real, online clients can be savage critics. That first photo they see on your website is like a first impression on a first date. You gotta make a killer impression or it's sayonara, baby! Don't let a dated photo be the reason you're swiped left by potential clients! With updated corporate photography, you can make a great first impression.

  5. Last but not least, time is a slippery slope. We all age and things change. Your website should reflect the current you, not a past version of yourself. Think of it like a website makeover - without the plastic surgery, of course. You'll feel like a brand new person and ready to take on the online world with updated corporate photography.

So, if you're looking for corporate photography services in Los Angeles, let's get snappin' and update those website photos! Don't get caught wearing crocs on your website - make sure your business headshots and corporate headshots reflect the professional image you want to convey.


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