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First things first:

Have you voted yet? If not, do it!!!!!

Okay, now the business:

With October comes the realization that the pandemic is not going away soon. Seems like most businesses are coming up with creative solutions to get working again. With less and less people doing business face to face, most places are depending more on their websites to sell or do the heavy lifting.

Most businesses do need fresh imagery and videos to put faces and personality to their brand. Even if your team is working from home, your clients still want to see who they are working with. Maybe even more so now when they'll never meet in person.

Safe Shooting:

The good thing about photo shoots (at least during a pandemic) is that we never have to get close. Employees keep their masks on except for during the quick seconds of the camera clicking. Plus, my team is also always wearing masks, and with a long lens I am typically over 8-10 feet away naturally.

Check out Phat Mojo:

Phat Mojo is a creative space in Culver City that makes fun toys based off of famous characters. Everything from The Office to Pete the Cat and Paddington Bear. They pride themselves on great design, and their location shows that. They needed photos that would show off their creativity and let customers know they don't wear suits to work.

It IS possible to show off who you are and start 2021 with a fresh website--- even though we are still not working normally just yet.

Take a look below or check out their website. and let me know if this type of imagery is right for you. I'd love to help you refresh your brand before new year.

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