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Creating Your Own Custom Stock Library

The year is flying by. One of our best-selling packages in 2018 is a custom library of images. Why buy stock photos for all your marketing needs when you can have the GoodHuman team come in for a day to shoot all around your space and capture your employees in action? We provide large sets of photos for you to use that really show the vibe of your company and who you are. You can use them in mailers, on blogs, or in social media. And they're guaranteed WAY more authentic and less cheesy than any stock photo you might buy from Getty. The market sure has changed a lot over the last few years, and the need for authenticity doesn't seem to be going away. Here are a few shots from the custom library we just created for Signal Sciences.

Signal Sciences wanted our team to come in and create a documentary style set of imagery of their employees working and we did just that. These were some of our favorites.

Take a look and us know please feel free to reach out and ask us some questions about it.

Sam - 415-509-6656

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