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“The smartest businesses are employing images that help them evolve their brand and tell a visual story of who they are.”


-- Entrepreneur Mag

Why GoodHuman


In a world of cutthroat competition, standing out is key.


As a potential client scrolls past your site or social media, you have to represent your brand in a flash. And even more than that:


You have to look human. You have to tell your story.


GoodHuman’s mission is to humanize your brand. Founder, Sam Diephuis, saw a problem with corporate marketing. A lot of websites looked the same. With stock photography and stiff looking portraits, it was hard to tell businesses apart and few looked professional or creative. Using his 20 years of advertising photography experience and a specialty in portraiture, Sam opened GoodHuman with two goals: to help businesses stand out and help clients get to know those businesses on a more human level. In one quick glance.


Clients want a sneak peak into your world because when you pull back the curtain on who you are, people are more willing to hand over their trust. And, more importantly, hire you.


Authentic business photography will help your clients see who you really are and grow your business. Sam and his team can help you figure out how best to make that happen.  Contact him today for a photo or video consultation.

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