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Time To Party (Part 2)

We are now knee deep into the holidays. The air is getting crispy, the stores are displaying unending amounts of things to buy and I've already heard Jingle Bells well over 15 times because my kids love Christmas songs. I don't try and fight it anymore... I will sing "All I want For Christmas is a You" at the top of my lungs shamelessly. I have 3 little girls... So, with only weeks away from the holiday parties starting please consider your photography needs. I am filling up quickly, but there are still a some open spots so make sure reach out if you need anything. Here are some examples below.

Capture the essence of your corporate gatherings with expert event photography, specializing in business photography that seamlessly encapsulates the professionalism and vibrancy of your company. Elevate your visual narrative with holiday party photography that adds a touch of festivity to your corporate memories. Event - 1 Event - 2 Sam 415.509.6656


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