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Something Besides Corporate Headshots and Business Portraits....

While this photograph may deviate from the typical themes of corporate headshots or business headshots, it offers a glimpse into my passion for travel and documentary photography. Despite the challenges of traveling with three young children, who often impede the pursuit of more elaborate creative photography, I find immense joy in sharing moments from our journeys. The decision to prioritize spending time with my daughters over capturing every possible shot is a choice I gladly make. Witnessing their wonder and excitement as they explore the world offers a fresh perspective, akin to experiencing travel anew. These shared adventures not only enrich our family bonds but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity found across the globe. Through their eyes, every destination becomes a place of discovery and enchantment, reminding me of the true essence of exploration. And even though this photo isn't typical of corporate headshots in Los Angeles, it reflects the personal moments that make life truly meaningful.


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