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What a wild 12 months it has been. Full of ups and downs. Thankfully we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the corporate world might come back to life again. Are you ready to get back into the office? I have mixed feelings. I love working from home but I also like separating work from family. It allows me to enjoy my time off more.

However, who wants to drive to work everyday?

Anyway, I had a corporate photography client reach out to me to purchase one of my creative photography prints from Burma. I love this Photography print and I think it will go nicely on the wall of the law firm that bought it. Offices have a tendency to feel, well, like offices and adding some photography from around the world gives color and life to the word space.

I love doing business and corporate photography as much as the next person, but creating photography from around the world is my favorite!

Please reach out for any of your photography needs. If its business photography, corporate videos or editorial style photos I am always available to brain storm and connect about your vision.

Here's the photo below!!!

Here's more if you'd like to see some different options.


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