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Double Time-Photography

Seems like everyone can agree this past year has been full of changes: We all learned a lot. We all changed our lifestyles. We all had twins.

Okay, maybe I'm the only one who had twins. TWINS! I still can't believe we welcomed two twin girls into our family last month, upgrading us to a family of 5. Whew!

We now have 4 ladies in the family! We got a mini van, and I bought pink shoes because I really put myself into my work.

While I LOVE holding these little cuties, I am now paralyzed by the THREE college educations looming ahead of me. So let's do some work together! I also love taking pictures, so let's do some of that and make your company or personal brand look its best.

Send me an email or call to talk about all that you need.

Wish me luck!


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