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The Business of You- Photographically Speaking- 2017 New Beginnings.

January 19, 2017

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One Small Way To Make a BIG Difference With Your Corporate Headshots

We at Good Human often get asked, "how can our business make our office headshots look different than our competition's?"  That's a great question and I think it's worth asking.  How does a company take advantage of all of the photography techniques to create a set of images that is unique to them and their brand?


In the example below, the company wanted office portraits that subtly showed a difference between upper and lower management.   We knew that this company didn't want to get too artistic because they are in more of a conservative industry, so we decided to only change the background from a grey to a dark grey to identify upper and lower management.  


Next time you are getting ready to redo the company headshots, this is a simple and tiny way to define the different positions at the office.  Even though it is subtle, clients will subconsciously understand the difference between positions at your company.