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the humanize portrait

GOODHUMAN wants prospective clients to fall in love with you immediately. We do that by capturing you in two ways: 

Seamless portraits: This is the most common style of portrait.  Usually shot on a grey or neutral background,  the seamless is perfect for keeping uniformity on a website that showcases several employees.  It's the easiest way to introduce your entire staff to clients, and it's the quickest to shoot. You send your employees. Or we come to you, set up the seamless, and capture all the employees in the snap of a few fingers: Bam! 

Environmental Portraits (our Speciality):  Environmental portraits are shot with a more descriptive background to show a little more of  your personality and add depth to your company.  A taste of your space or office gives the viewer a sense of your style, taste and aesthetic. Clients tend to trust those they know, and environmental portraits let them feel like they know you just enough. We often incorporate other employees in the background to give your business a sense of rhythm and show it at its busiest.  This type of imagery is our most popular, and it's our favorite to shoot. Environmental portraits are great for websites, but also good for magazine articles, blog posts, Instagram accounts, annual reports, and Linkedin.    



Humanize Portrait Rates and Info: 


(Please Contact for an estimate):


At GoodHuman we try and work with most reasonable budgets.  We also like to connect with our clientele and learn about their unique business and try our best to help them to achieve the best look and feel for what they need.  Most importantly we want you to look human, real and authentic.  That’s what we specialize in!


Usually what you get with a portrait session is below, however like most businesses, you are unique and might need a package of photos, architecture or some team images.  This is why it is difficult to give a standard rate for our services at GoodHuman.  We are unique and so are you and we love to find out what message you want to show your clients and create your images around that.  Also, there is a significant price reduction when there is a package because of the amount of images your company might need.


The basic GoodHuman portrait session looks like this….

  • Humanize brand consultation

  • Easy shoot setup at your location (you don't have to drive anywhere!)

  • 1 Clothing Look 

  • 1 set-up (environmnent or seamless)

  • Unlimited shots (we shoot until we get perfection)

  • 50-100 Images in a digital gallery within 72 hours

  • 1 final image retouched and sparkly 

  • Minimal powder for shine reduction


- The above rates are estimates. We are good humans who understand that every business has different needs. Please call us to create a package that works for you. Maybe you need some portraits and architecture shots. Or perhaps you want some seamless shots and a few hours of candid shots that show off your employees. Let's create a special package just for you and your business.

team portraits

You've spent time developing the most efficient and creative teams. Why show them in a bad light? The hardest part of shooting a team portrait is getting the whole gang in one spot. We like to send an email that says 'birthday cake in the kitchen,' and suddenly they appear. Team shots boost morale, show off your best assets, and add an air of pride to your site or social media. Every great team deserves their own shot. 

Team Portraits Rates and Info:  

Keep in mind you can mix and match with these portrait rates.  For example, maybe you need 3 portraits, 1 team portrait and an architechtural session.  Not a problem, we do this all the time.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details and special rates for combinations..

2-5 Good Humans - Call for pricing


  • ​​Humanize brand consultation

  • Easy shoot setup at your location 

  • 1 Clothing Look

  • 1 lighting setup 

  • Unlimited shots (we shoot until we get perfection)

  • 50-100 Images in full gallery

  • Minimal powder for shine reduction

  • 1 final image, retouched and beautiful ($40 for each additional retouched image)

  • Recommended hair and make-up -$150-$250 (groups over 9 this is probably not needed)

  • Each Additional Person $50


If you’re going to spend money to throw a great party or speaking event, you better get photos that show the world how great it was. If it’s an intimate gathering, we know how to capture its meaning but stay on the sidelines so nobody even knows we’re there. And if it’s a party, we will stay until it’s over and capture every single joyful moment. We’ve been to countless parties, conferences, holiday soirees, and speaking engagements to know how to read what you need and what photos will serve you the best on social media, your website, Facebook, or the USB drive you want to send to your aunt. We want to make those who’ve missed your event regret it.

event Rates and Info:


Private events are always fun and one of our specialties. We begin with a consultation to find out what you need and who you need to capture/highlight. Our photographers always dress approprately for the occasion to easily blend in.

For events with more than 75 people please contact us first to discuss 2nd shooter and price changes.

3-HR EVENT - $200 an hour- (3 hour minimum. Contact us for all-day event specials.)

  • Humanize brand consultation

  • Unlimited shots 

  • 100s of edited images in a digital gallery within 72 hours

  • "Best of" photo collage for email blasts and social media

  • 24-hr turnaround rush rate: best 10 images for quick sharing: $25 

Your Business in action

Headshots are fun and show prospective clients who you are, but we love to delve even further into your business. The day-to-day of your business should be celebrated! It's a routine that's taken a great effort to create, and we want everyone to see how you do it! 

The GOODHUMAN team spends a day in your space, capturing its unique qualities, team members, product, space, and aesthetic. The more we show of YOU, the easier it is for prospective clients to fall in love. 

Your Business in Action Rates and Info:  Project based pricing.

We love doing these types of shoots. We have 20 years of advertising and annual reports expereince to help you create the perfect images of your business in action.  This is a very hands-on investment that can really enhance the look and feel of your site and marketing. ​

  • Please call us to schedule an in-person consultation. We see your space and find out how best to humanize your brand. 


Your space says everything about who you are. You've overanalyzed every precious detail, and we want your guests, clients, and even just the visitors to your website to enjoy them all. Potential clients tend to decide whether they like you in under one second, so we believe it’s important to impress them with the very first photo. If it’s not your face, it should be your dazzling space. We’ll work with you to focus on your best assets. If you’re a dentist, we’ll highlight the sparkly clean environment. And if you’re a PR company, we'll pick up on your stylish details to show you're on top of the PR game. We’ll sit down with you and gather a photo list so that you have a variety of shots that show who you are without having to reveal a single face.


Architecture Rates and Info:  Project-based pricing.  (ranges from $400-$1500)

We often find that clients like to combine these types of images with other services at the same time.  If so we usually have a reduced rate.  Contact us for more details.


At GoodHuman, we work with our in-house directors and editors to produce beautiful videos for advertising, behind-the-scenes, or whatever your business or product might need.  We strive to be on top of style trends, and we work with the newest camera equipment in order to make your company, team, or product look relevant and fresh.


Our team of directors has a variety of specialties and can meet the vibe you need-- from high-tech and hyper-real for product shots to soft and authentic for videos that show your team's humanity. 

Give us a call to find out how we can create the best videos together. 

Some video ideas: b2b, branded content for Instagram or social media, case studies, corporate events, commercials, training videos, behind-the-scenes, docu-style 'about' videos, and product launches

Video Rates and Info:  Project based pricing.  Please contact us for more info so we can talk to you about what you need which will give us an idea of where to start.  At Good Human we can make most budgets work so don't hesitate to connect with us.
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