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Sam has photographed for some of the largest fortune 500 companies and house hold names in the world including, Chase Bank, Disney, GM Motors, Marriott, Children's Hospital of Orange County Honda, Moet-Hennessy,  Mazda,  TOMs Shoes, Habitat for Humanity, Capitol Records, Dentsu America, Bentley Motors, Wallpaper Magazine, The Broad Foundation,  Fast Company Magazine, Volvo, PG and E, Huffington Post,  America’s Funniest Home Videos, Canon Cameras, Harper Collins and Time Magazine. 

Case Studies/Testimonials

Skydance MEDIA (terminator, Mission impossible)


When Skydance Media approached us with a need for corporate headshots, they had a special request. They wanted to differentiate between upper management and lower management but they wanted it to be subtle. Our idea was to change the background, and that was exactly what they wanted. For this shoot, a makeup artist and a little Photoshop took these images to the next level.  


"AWESOME WORK! The headshots that GoodHuman did for us captured the essence of our team perfectly. I would recommend GoodHuman to any company that is looking for truly great headshots."

- Skydance Media, publicity department, Los Angeles


With an office in an old warehouse, this creative team needed some shots that would show off both the team and the amazing space. Algorithm wanted to make sure these shots would give prospective clients a glimpse into their collaborative work style, so we spent a full day shadowing this super creative team while they worked. 


"These photos turned out incredibly! This was exactly what we wanted... images that would really capture the essence of how we work and the unique space where we work. Having quality, gorgeous images like these in our advertising, marketing and annual reports will really set us apart. Thank you!"

- Zack

San Francisco


Working with Disney is always a treat.  This small team needed some business photography that made them look professional while giving a unique spin to each individual.

"GoodHuman exceeded our expectations.  We wanted to create some images that showed more of our space and gave us all a little unique personality.  Sam at GoodHuman had the great idea of photographing us all at slightly different angles in a hallway in our office.  The lighting looked great and everyone was happy. Plus it showed a little more of our space"

- Rachel

Disney, Los Angeles

Spinx design

Spinx hired GoodHuman to take photos that would highlight the unique personalities of its employee and the space they work in. Because Spinx is a team of young, fun creatives, they wanted shots that would really capture that. Our solution: photographing the team while they were in real business meetings and getting a lot of great shots of the building's architecture.

"GoodHuman did great work. Came into our office and grabbed tons of team and candid environmental shots that really captured who we are, and they look great. Their team was really professional, reliable and fun to work with. Thanks!"

- Greg

 Spinx Media, Los Angeles



We probably don't have to tell you that working with Disney is always a ton of fun. For this shoot, Disney asked us for business photography that made each team member look professional while still giving each a unique spin.

"GoodHuman really went above and beyond. We wanted images that showed more of our office and also let some of each team member's personality to shine through. Our photographer, Sam, had the idea to photograph us all at slightly different angles in a hallway because the lighting was so good in that part of the building. The photos all turned out great!"

- Rachel

Disney, Los Angeles

Refuge and Recovery, A buddhist path to addiction recovery.

What a cool experience to work with an organization doing so much good. The team at Refuge and Recovery wanted to create some images that captured the depth and authenticity of its employees. They weren't looking for anything that was standard, so we gave them a desaturated look that created the vibe they wanted to convey.


"We aren't your regular group of business folks. Most of our employees come from a background that is based around the teachings of the Buddha, music, or recovery, and Sam just immediately got the tone we were trying to capture. He did a great job of creating a set of images that truly complemented our team and the authenticity of our organization."

Against the Stream, Los Angeles

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