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Here are some answers to our most common questions

(but don’t be scared to call and ask more. We love questions)


How does this all work?

The first step is a brand consultation. You speak with a GoodHuman photographer. Let us know what you’re all about and what you want your photos to capture. We come to your space and light it accordingly. We capture your space or your employees. Most of all, we capture your vibe. Within 72 hours, we send you a gallery of alllllll the photos we shot (or our favorite 100 to make it easier). You choose the ones you want, we retouch them, and you get the finals sent via email, all sized to your needs. Easy!  



Tell me about this Photoshop stuff.

We like to think you’re already perfect. For those times when any slight imperfection shows, we do our own in-house retouching. Basic retouching is included in all final shots. This means we correct the overall color, remove blemishes, bring out your eyes, and size the image to your needs (different sizes for prints or the web).

If you need something more drastic, like to remove the last ten years of wrinkles or make it look like you’re surfing on a shark, just ask. Extensive retouching is $40 per image. We also retouch images that were shot elsewhere.

What all do I get?

Besides getting to collaborate with some super nice and talented photographers, you get a password-protected online gallery filled with the best shots. Once you select your favorite images, we’ll brush them with our magic retouch wand and send them back to you in just a few days after the shoot. We’ll keep them for 30 days just in case!

The lady down the street is cheaper. Why pay for Goodhuman?

It’s common to hear about photographers because everyone these days has a camera in their pocket! GoodHuman only hires trained and experienced advertising and editorial photographers who understand multiple lighting techniques and the vast array of photographic equipment.  This means every shoot is different, catering to various business styles and your specific needs. We understand brands and have lots of ideas. We also know people. We’ve done thousands and thousands of photoshoots and have learned how to get the busiest CEO to slow down and smile. We’re also connectors. And a collective. So if you need a new website, we can send you in the right direction. And if you need a video, we do that too. We often have repeat customers who come back for all types of business needs.

I heard some photographers get mad if you use their photos.

Not in our case. We like to share. And while we would love to own photos of you, that might be weird. You have unlimited usage of your final images for your website, social media, and magazines.


Do I really need make-up and hair?

Like we said, you’re already perfect. BUT… we still strongly suggest you always opt for our makeup and hair stylists or your own. Makeup for photography lighting is slightly different than regular lighting, and we want you to look your best. Too much shine can take the professionalism out of a photo. And not EVERYTHING is fixable in Photoshop (it’s easier to put you on Mars than take a shine off your forehead).

how should i prepare for a shoot?

Show up feeling camera-ready, which means feeling good about your appearance. Make-up artists can enhance your look, but you know how you look best. So, do that! Then we'll make sure you keep that look throughout your shoot. Wear clothes that aren't too busy. Stay away from crazy patterns or distracting colors. Don't get a haircut or give yourself a new look the day before! Trim your beard or cut your hair a few days before our shoot so you get accustomed to your new appearance. 

Goodhuman Photography-  Corporate and Business Photography by Sam Diephuis.  Headshots, portraits, photography and videos

Los Angeles / San Francisco / San Diego

Call me anytime to talk about your needs: 415-509-6656

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